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A Digital Transformation Journey at Hawke's Bay Regional Council
Kaylie Hammond, Hawke's Bay Regional Council; Anthony Gouder, Hawke's Bay Regional Council show more Description From forms to workflows, integration to analytics, see how Nintex has successfully met the needs of Hawke’s Bay Regional Council as they traverse their digital transformation journey. Speakers Kaylie Hammond Hawke's Bay Regional Council Anthony Gouder Hawke's Bay Regional Council
Actionable Advice on Migrating Nintex Workflow & Forms to Office 365
Rebecca Zey, Hines; Owen Runnals, General Networks Corp show more Description Hines has moved nearly 100 workflows and forms from SharePoint on premises to SharePoint online. Through this migration, there have been times where the environment differences required Hines to re-architect their workflows and forms. Join this session for actionable advice to help make a migration easier. Speakers Rebecca Zey Hines Owen Runnals General Networks Corp
Analyzing Your Workflows with Nintex Hawkeye
Lachlan Ainley, Nintex; Dan Burke, Nintex show more Description It’s time to optimize your business processes. This session is a deep dive into Nintex Hawkeye’s Process Intelligence Lens. We will demonstrate how instrumenting processes using Beacons to emit relevant business data from the workflow can help you build custom dashboards and analyze the effectiveness of your automated processes. Learn how you can use this new insight to take actions and optimize your processes. Speakers Lachlan Ainley Nintex Dan Burke Nintex
Bring Social Collaboration and Intelligence to Your Processes with Beezy
Jordi Plana, Beezy; Gonzalo Marcos, Nintex show more Description Machine Learning, Cognitive Services and Bots are not only buzz words but also the new technology that transform a traditional process automation strategy into a more transparent and collaborative approach. This session will show how Beezy is leveraging Nintex Xtensions to orchestrate all of them within a modern, digital workplace. Speakers Jordi Plana Beezy Gonzalo Marcos Nintex
Connecting Nintex Workflow Cloud with Your SAP Data
Christian Tauchmann, Theobald Software; Christoph Schuler, Theobald Software show more Description Learn about the SAP Xtensions available for Nintex Workflow Cloud. The session will introduce the architecture and capabilities of the SAP Connector and walk you through an actual business use case where customer account information is synchronized between Salesforce or Dynamics CRM and an on premises SAP ERP system Speakers Christian Tauchmann Theobald Software Christoph Schuler Theobald Software
Contract Lifecycle Management in SharePoint and Office 365 with Nintex
Joe Giegerich, Gig Werks; Christian Holslin, Gig Werks show more Description Gig Werks Contract Lifecycle Management solutions, built on SharePoint and powered by Nintex, offers unprecedented value and scalability across the enterprise. Nintex brings together data and systems across your company to create a seamless user experience connecting other systems such as DocuSign, Salesforce, Dynamics CRM and myriad of other cloud and onpremises information systems. Speakers Joe Giegerich Gig Werks Christian Holslin Gig Werks
Create Xtensions in Nintex for Office 365 and Nintex Workflow Cloud
David Fitzpatrick, Nintex; Mike Lewis, Nintex show more Description The session will outline how partners and customers can leverage Nintex Xtensions™ for Nintex for Office 365 and Nintex Workflow Cloud to create custom workflow components for business solutions, for connectors for IOT devices, and for niche Software as a Service providers. Speakers David Fitzpatrick Nintex Mike Lewis Nintex
Customer Success Showcase: How MAN Diesel & Turbo and Mars, Inc. Use Nintex
Brad Orluk, Nintex; James Bregartner, Mars, Inc.; Mark Christianson, Mars, Inc.; Fernando Nunes, MAN Diesel & Turbo show more Description Moderated by Nintex Sales Engineer, Brad Orluk, you'll hear first hand how two global organizations are transforming work. MAN Diesel & Turbo’s old workflow solution was prone to failure and repairs required intervention from a team located thousands of miles away. Attend this session to learn about their business processes analysis, the workflow migration project and several lessons learned to establish Nintex products as a standard for process automation, forms and mobility. Learn how Mars, Inc. turned to process automation to improve efficiency and transform operations. Speakers Brad Orluk Nintex James Bregartner Mars, Inc. Mark Christianson Mars, Inc. Fernando Nunes MAN Diesel & Turbo
Customer Success: Creating a Law Enforcement Operating Platform with Nintex and MSAM
James Milne, Myriad Technologies show more Description Fighting crime means long hours and lots of paperwork. Myriad Technologies is changing the way law enforcement operates by creating the Law Enforcement Operating Platform that provides officers with a comprehensive workspace to create new investigations and organize information relating to their investigations. Speakers James Milne Myriad Technologies
Customer Success: How Macy's Manages Compliance with No-Code Solutions
Dan Lobb, Macys; Monica Bush, Nintex; James Ensminger, Protiviti show more Description In today’s environment, organizations face a multitude of business risks and regulatory requirements. This session will explore how Macy’s and Nintex address this challenge through the use of Nintex Workflow. The speakers will review implementation considerations and demonstrate working solutions across multiple compliance frameworks (ISO, PCI, SOX, SOC2), as well as Application Access Reviews. Speakers Dan Lobb Macys Monica Bush Nintex James Ensminger Protiviti
Customer Success: How Naylor Love Builds a Safer Workplace
Lee Harris, Naylor Love Construction; Chris Ben, Provoke Solutions show more Description Subject to the stringent requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act, Naylor Love needed a solution for site workers to report detailed safety hazard reports and automatically deliver the reports to managers for immediate action, even on remote jobsites. Learn how they are reconstructing their industry with workflow automation. Speakers Lee Harris Naylor Love Construction Chris Ben Provoke Solutions
Customer Success: Transforming Auburn Athletics with Nintex
Jason Batchelor, Summit 7 Systems; Josh Henderson, Auburn University show more Description Learn how Auburn Athletics, with more than 300 employees, 500 student athletes, and 140 million in revenue is transforming its storied tradition and operational processes using the Nintex platform. Speakers Jason Batchelor Summit 7 Systems Josh Henderson Auburn University
Do This -- Don't Do That: Best and Worst Practices for Workflow, Form, and Overall Solution Design
Mike Fitzmaurice, Nintex show more Description Nintex sees a lot of workflows, forms, mobile apps, and overall solutions in the course of a year. This is our annual roundup of what not to do and what to do instead. It includes workflow design guidance, form design pointers, how to combine workflows/forms/data into integrated solutions, and a lot more. Everything is taken from cases we've encountered, but not to worry -- all names have been changed to respect privacy. Speakers Mike Fitzmaurice Nintex
Five Helpful Tips for Document Generation
Terry Simpson, Nintex show more Description Document Generation in workflow is one action that tends to be underutilized in many organizations. If you use document generation today, you’ll learn several helpful tips and tricks. If you have never used document generation, attend to see how document generation can add tremendous value and “wow” factor to your organization. Speakers Terry Simpson Nintex
How Nationwide is Building a Self-sustaining Community of Workflow Pros
Brad Orluk, Nintex; Austin McKinley, Nationwide; Don Chen, Nationwide show more Description Learn how Nationwide, a company comprised of 35,000+ associates, successfully uses the Nintex platform to automate processes without any formal IT support. Learn how can you enable others throughout your organization to use the Nintex platform, what it takes to set up a Nintex community internally, and other ways to extend the value of the platform to drive adoption and increased efficiencies in your organization. Speakers Brad Orluk Nintex Austin McKinley Nationwide Don Chen Nationwide
How the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Uses Nintex, SharePoint for Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Drive Collaboration and Efficiency
Syed Ali, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention show more Description Learn how the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention administers and tracks business processes in Dynamics 365 and collaborates with all users in SharePoint/Office 365 – all from Microsoft Outlook, without code Speakers Syed Ali Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Improving the Sales to Cash Process in Salesforce with Nintex Workflows
Ray Cabral, Nintex show more Description The need to transform the sales-to-cash process is driven by several pressures beyond efficiency—from better governance to increased regulatory compliance and managing the complexity of contracts. When you integrate and automate the quoting and contracting processes, it adds up to more productivity, increased compliance, a better bottom line, happier salespeople and opportunities for teams to focus on customer success. Learn how you can automate quoting, discount approvals and contracting activities with Nintex for Salesforce. Speakers Ray Cabral Nintex
Intelligent Content Meets Process Automation
Jim Lundy, Aragon Research; Jeetu Patel, Box show more Description . Speakers Jim Lundy Aragon Research Jeetu Patel Box
Introducing the Inventory Lens: Ensure Better Governance of Your Nintex Assets
George Tsigounis, Nintex; William Knowles, Nintex show more Description Nintex Hawkeye’s new Inventory Lens gives business leaders, administrators and process owners throughout the enterprise deep visibility into their automated processes so they can make informed management decisions. Learn how the Inventory Lens supports process governance and operational management by showing where, how often and how smoothly workflows are running. Speakers George Tsigounis Nintex William Knowles Nintex
Managing the Deployment of the Nintex Platform
Thomas Xu, Velrada show more Description Deployment of solutions between environments plays a crucial part of delivering a successful outcome for any business processes. Learn from Nintex vTE Thomas Xu about the common migration issues that significantly impact the deployment of solutions to DEV/UAT/PROD and how to overcome these issues with environment preparations, automating the deployment and developing solutions that can easily migrate. Get tips and tricks to manage the deployment. Speakers Thomas Xu Velrada
Meet Regulatory Compliance On Your Terms with the Nintex Workflow Platform
Simon Wright, Britecloud show more Description Get an overview of how regulatory compliance changes such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will fundamentally affect the way in which organizations handle customer, employee and financial data. Take a look at how the Nintex Workflow platform and complementary products such as Concept Searching, Twilio, Office 365 and Salesforce give organizations the tools to drive a regulatory-compliant response to internal data handling and external access requests - without reinventing existing systems and processes. Speakers Simon Wright Britecloud
Metric Index: Reporting in the Digital Age
Bill Vencil, Protiviti; Brittany Kwait, Protiviti show more Description Learn how Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms was used to create an innovative "metric index" solution designed to capture, calculate and evaluate a large volume of complex business metric data and reduce it to a single number, much like a stock index. This allows organizations to be agile and responsive to changing environments and be better informed in decision making. Speakers Bill Vencil Protiviti Brittany Kwait Protiviti
Migrate & Deploy – How to Copy and Move Your Workflows and Forms
Benjamin Niaulin, Sharegate show more Description Whether you’re moving to the next great version of SharePoint or headed for Office 365, you need to be able to bring your workflows and forms with you. But the need doesn’t stop there; what about being able to test them in one place and bring them to a new location with a simple drag and drop? We’ll explore the challenges of a migration, deploying between Test, QA and Production. Speakers Benjamin Niaulin Sharegate
Migrating InfoPath Forms to Nintex Forms
Gary Devendorf, FormTrek show more Description There are tens of thousands of InfoPath forms being used on SharePoint. Learn how you can effectively and easily migrate these forms to Nintex with a migration tool. Speakers Gary Devendorf FormTrek
New Intelligence Features in Nintex Workflow Cloud
Ryan Duguid, Nintex; Matt Fleckenstein, Nintex show more Description . Speakers Ryan Duguid Nintex Matt Fleckenstein Nintex
Nintex Mobile and Mobile App Studio Deep Dive
Andrew Glasser, Intellinet show more Description With digital transformation everywhere, mobile adoption is a key step to that process. In this session we will review the mobile capabilities of the Nintex platform and do a deep dive to publishing an app into Nintex App Studio. Speakers Andrew Glasser Intellinet
Nintex Workflow Cloud - Best Practices in Designing Workflows
Josh Tan, Nintex show more Description Discover and learn about designing workflows in Nintex Workflow Cloud. Understand design thinking, identifying reusable components and securing workflows. Speakers Josh Tan Nintex
Optimizing Your Workflows: Getting the Most Out of Your Process Automation Strategies
Lachlan Ainley, Nintex; George Tsigounis, Nintex show more Description Congratulations! You've taken the first steps and automated your processes. Now, you need to be able to quickly measure the size, effectiveness, and business impact of your workflows. Learn how you can use Nintex Hawkeye to move beyond workflow automation and focus on process optimization. This session will give you an overview of Nintex Hawkeye, how you can use it to analyze, manage and optimize your Workflows and what you can expect next in the product roadmap. Speakers Lachlan Ainley Nintex George Tsigounis Nintex
Practical Nintex Governance
Marty Harris, Ignia, an Insight Company show more Description The term ‘governance’ tends to invoke images of pointless blockers, antiquated rules, and barriers to productivity. But many organizations err too far in the other direction, allowing systems to quickly become unmanageable, unusable, and ineffective in reaching their business goals. In this session, you’ll learn simple and pragmatic methods for finding and sustaining the right balance between controls and freedoms, to allow your organization to automate effectively, while keeping appropriate boundaries. Speakers Marty Harris Ignia, an Insight Company
Process Automation is the Heart of Transformation: See It In Action at Arriva
Kimberley Morrison, Arriva; Rob Koplowitz, Forrester show more Description . Speakers Kimberley Morrison Arriva Rob Koplowitz Forrester
Safety First: From Incident Reporting to Safety Requirements and Tracking at Boldt and Duquesne Light Company
Chris Johnson, PSC Group; Jesse McHargue, Duquesne Light Company; Trang Phan, Boldt show more Description Learn how Boldt, a fast-growing construction firm, combined Nintex, Power BI and an agile software development approach to efficiently build a lean, data-driven safety solution in the cloud and how Duquesne Light Company developed processes to provide better insight on safety requirements and tracking. Speakers Chris Johnson PSC Group Jesse McHargue Duquesne Light Company Trang Phan Boldt
Save Time and Money with Reusability
Chris Ellis, Nintex show more Description Join Chris Ellis, Nintex Technical Evangelist, as he teaches how to fully leverage reusability across the Nintex suite with Parent/Child workflows, User Defined Actions, External Start Workflows and Nintex Xtensions. Speakers Chris Ellis Nintex
ServiceMax + Nintex: Automating and Optimizing Field Service Management
Jim Roberson, Nintex; Blake Wolff, ServiceMax show more Description The field service arena is arguably the epicenter of Digital Transformation. The convergence of technology disruptions (cloud, Internet of Things, etc.) coupled with increasing customer expectations are forcing manufacturers and service providers to fundamental change they way they do business in order to compete. This session will showcase how ServiceMax is leading this change, helping companies to grow services revenues, increase service efficiencies, improve customer experiences, and address compliance requirements. Come see how ServiceMax, together with Nintex, is automating, orchestrating, and optimizing critical field processes such as scheduling, dispatching and routing, field invoicing & signature capture, and technician enablement. Speakers Jim Roberson Nintex Blake Wolff ServiceMax
Ten Years of Tears; Why Didn't I Get DocGen Sooner?
Rhia Wieclawek, Elantis Solutions Inc show more Description Attendees will learn about the time / cost benefit of Nintex Document Generation and leave with a link to a template to assist them using it going forward. Learn about the key capabilities and use cases of document generation saving you time and money. Speakers Rhia Wieclawek Elantis Solutions Inc
The Power of Push Enabled Apps
John Corry, Nintex; Patrick Hosch, Nintex show more Description Mobile push notifications provide a powerful way for you to reach out to your users through instant timely messages. This session is designed to showcase Nintex Mobile and Nintex App Studio's new push notification capabilities. Speakers John Corry Nintex Patrick Hosch Nintex
What’s New In Nintex for Office 365?
Ian Hameroff, Nintex; Luke Bongiorno, Nintex show more Description It’s been a year of significant innovation in Nintex for Office 365. Join this session for a deep dive of key product feature enhancements and learn about new capabilities that will be released in the new year. Speakers Ian Hameroff Nintex Luke Bongiorno Nintex
What’s New In Nintex Forms?
Euan Gamble, Nintex show more Description Forms turn human interaction into process automation. Learn how you can quickly and easily create forms using clicks, not code. Join this session for a deep dive of key product feature enhancements and future capabilities in Nintex Forms. Speakers Euan Gamble Nintex
What’s New: Nintex Workflow for Salesforce
Samuel Sysum, Nintex; Tracy Powell, Nintex show more Description Accelerate sales and services by streamlining complex processes within Salesforce, across orgs and business systems—all without leaving the familiarity of Salesforce. Learn more about Nintex Workflow for Salesforce and how you can automate, analyze, and optimize your operations, without custom code or needing to manually piece together disparate apps. Speakers Samuel Sysum Nintex Tracy Powell Nintex
Xtending Nintex Workflow Cloud with Azure Functions
Mike Oryszak, B & R Business Solutions; Tom Castiglia, DocFluix, LLC show more Description With the introduction of Nintex Xtensions framework, Nintex enables developers to build custom actions and connectors to integrate any cloud accessible content or solution into Nintex Workflow Cloud. While there are many possible ways to develop a custom Connector for Nintex Workflow Cloud, for Microsoft stack developers, Azure Functions is very compelling. This session will cover all aspects of using Azure Functions to implement your Connector for Nintex Workflow Cloud. Speakers Mike Oryszak B & R Business Solutions Tom Castiglia DocFluix, LLC

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